Autohorn Micklegate Run Soapbox Challenge



Team No. Team Name
1Cobbled Together
2The Green AutoHornet
3Ragnors Hero's (York Rescue Boat)
4Team Hutch
7The Daddy Pig Racers racing for HomeStart York
8Soapy McSoap Box
9The Paragonians
10The Smoggies
11Wetwheels Yorkshire
12YHA York
13Bishopton Flyers
14The 1767
15Gulf Racing
16 Business Waste Ltd
19Scarcroft Primary School & Your Bike Shed
20Cool Zappings
21The League of Yorkshire Gentlemen
22What A Shower
23York Van Centre
24Thunderboots Go To India
25Northern Scavengers
26Robinsons Rocket
27Fast and Furious
29What's Up Doc?!
30Royal Hair Force
31DWA for Dementia
32Pocklington Carpets
33The Thirlby Job
35The Islanders
36The Wastebusters Wagon
37CommScope Star
382 Signal Regiment
39Hudson's Diggers
40Death on Wheels
41Team Transplant and Yorkshire Air Ambulance
42Hare Raisers and the Flying Bunnies
44York Digital Image
45York Octopush
46Monster Mash
47Shambles Food Court Flyers
48Metallicar's Army
49Brass Castle Brewery
50Wagyu Wizards
51Energi Kids